"For centuries stone has served as an integral element in construction, trusted and desired for its inherent strength and natural beauty.  From pathways to cathedrals, the modern era bears witness to the splendour, versatility, and durability of stone structures.

The necessity to work and craft-rock gave rise to the realm of Stonemasonry and the skilled artisans dedicated to the methods, traditions, and integrity of the trade - Stone Masons.

Though modernity procures innovations which are often designed to mimic the beauty and fortitude of natural stone while reducing cost, the current resurgence in the demand for, and application of, natural stone, points to an appreciation for authenticity and fine quality craftsmanship. 

Industry Rockworks Co.  was founded with the vision of providing clients with the finest quality stonemasonry at a fair cost.  Moreover, I am committed to the fusion of time-honoured methods with current advances in adhesive technologies to ensure satisfaction and durability.

Majestic.  Impervious to the elements.  Defiant in the face of time.  A beautiful addition to any home or landscape."

  Intro: Stonemasonry Industry Rockworks Co.
- Mario Cianchetti, Proprietor & Stone Mason